Dr Navlin Naidoo: Multidimensional Medical Doctor

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From fearlessly fighting the corona virus in the front lines, baking up a storm and indulging in various art forms, Dr Navlin Naidoo is quite the powerhouse. Let’s take a closer look his multi-dimensional personality.  


Who is Navlin Naidoo at a glance? 

I’m a qualified Medical Doctor, with a post graduate Masters in Medicine and Degree in Dermatology. I’m a Durban boy, currently based at a public hospital. 


Tell us about what motivated you to pursue a career in medicine. 

At an early age I identified with having compassion for others, the desire to be a positive influence on the lives of others and to be able to help others effectively. Having being raised in a home in which my mother was already a healthcare professional, she recognized these qualities in me and so encouraged me along the path of medicine. 


Being a medical practitioner, balancing your work and personal life can be challenging. What has your experience been in this regard and what are some hobbies you indulge in to escape the “noise”? 

I live my life in a way in which I understand that every day brings us closer to death and that I don’t have much time to waste. I believe as humans we have immense potential to be anything we want to be and achieve anything provided we are prepared to put in the time and effort. We can decide this at any stage of our lives and are not limited to any specific time or any specific profession. Passion is a big driving force behind my many hobbies and career path I have chosen.  

A list of my hobbies include the following:  

Playing my musical instruments namely the TablaCymbals and Guitar, singing, cooking, baking, gardening, classical Indian dancing i.e.: Kathak, sketching and the performing arts as an actor, travelling, reading and watching documentaries based on science, quantum physics as well as spiritually enhancing activities. 

So where do I find time to do all these things? Well I believe as long as you have energy, you will always find the time to do what you love and enjoy. My goal is to experience as much as I can in the limited time that I have. Our experiences broaden our minds and encourages growth both intellectually and spiritually. My intention is to use my lifestyle to inspire others 


What has your experience been thus far, being central to the effects of the corona virus? 

Keeping with my desire to help others, it gives me great honor knowing that at a time such as this, that I am able and willing to put my own life on the line in order to save another. At times, it can be a little unsettling knowing I could contract this deadly disease at any point should I not take adequate precautions but what better way to live your life other than humbly servicing humanity. A legacy to leave behind in light that I was part of those who helped preserve today so that tomorrow may exist. 


What safety measures have you had to abide by while being on call? 

I have always advocated cleanliness. It is part of who I am and so the strict hygiene measures needed to combat this disease was not unfamiliar to me. I ensure I always wash and sterilize my hands and surfaces I touch. I wear a mask at all times when in public spaces and at hospital. I sterilize my shoes and clothing should I leave the home for work and return. I avoid crowded places during this time. I also wear safety goggles, hair protection and a visor to protect my eyes. I ensure a 1,5-meter distance between myself and anyone I interact with. 


As the country moves into less stringent levels of the national lockdown, what are some essential hygiene tips that you can share with our readers? 

  • Maintain social distancing until there is no trace of the virus.  
  • Maintain strict hygiene control.  
  • Wear a mask when in public spaces. 
  • Be mindful of coughing around people and any conduct that will spread the infection.  
  • Avoid crowded places.  
  • Keep an eye out for symptoms and report to their healthcare facility if needs be.   


Do you perhaps have any advice on using home remedies to boost one’s immunity during this time? 

I would suggest that people keep their immune systems strong by eating healthy and keeping well rested, drinking plenty of water, taking their chronic medication correctly and supplementing their diets with vitamin C, either through foods or tablets.  

Be sure to incorporate lemon, citrus fruits, green tea, honey and chilies into your diet as they have great antioxidant properties. Exercise is also very important and helps to strengthen immunity. 

To keep up to date with Dr Naidoo and his journey during the corona virus pandemic by following @dr.navlin.naidoo.rao. 


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