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Recently, I caught up with digital creator, DJ and Youtuber, @thatdesh, for all the tea on the social media boom stirring in South Africa and some tips from the insider herself! Let’s find out what she had to say. 


Let’s start off with a little game, tell us three unassuming facts about you? 

  1. I had a number 1 single on national radio in my earlier career. 
  2. My job is effortless and loads of fun. It literally brings me the greatest joy. 
  3. I really love Bollywood especially the music and it was the very remixes that got me started in music as a DJ. 


What inspired you to pursue a career in social media? 

I’ve always loved networking and it’s the very thing that has opened doors in my career and with social media you get to do that without the pressure of a formal environment. 

I’ve also loved that with social media you can connect and engage with anyone or any brand irrespective of location. A simple device such as your phone can help you start a business, launch a career and even collaborate over a virtual space, without even leaving your home much.  


Why are digital tools so important? 

There are so many reasons, depending on what you want to achieve with it. But, seeing as I am in the world of influencers with my corporate job, I would say that two words come to mind, community and commerce.  

Community: Whether you say it’s your tribe, fans or followers – digital tools (either social media platforms or apps) help you create and publish engaging content to foster and grow a community, which can be done in a very short space of time. The amount of people you can reach through social media platforms is almost limitless.  

Commerce: The brand value you get out of publishing content and growing a social media presence goes a long way and eventually translates into tangible profit. The more present your brand is, the more successful it is from a growth perspective and is likely to strengthen your business profile and grow your customer base.  


What are some of the current trends in the digital world that we should know about? 

  • Most brands and businesses alike, rely on influencers and viral trends to drive their marketing strategies. This is a great way for people interested in earning some extra buck, to capitalize on the market trend.  
  • Short, snack-able and shareable content – we are seeing this with TikTok and IG stories. You can share information or spark interest in your profile or brand in just a few seconds.  
  • Authenticity, which is probably why TikTok is doing so well. We are moving away from the perfect feed to the more realistic unfiltered approach. 


 Are there any digital tools or apps every person in 2020 should have? 

  • If you want to take your career seriously then use the LinkedIn app. It is much better than the conventional job-hunting method and remember to approach it as a social media tool and less as a “job searching” app. This will ensure to maximize all the features on the app and get seen by recruiters. 
  • InShot – for anything to do with video-based content creation, this is THE app to use! 
  • Podcasts – Apple podcasts and Spotify serve up some great offerings and by listening to podcasts regularly is the best way for you learn and grow in the modern sense. 


Any juicy bits for us to keep watch on? 

At the time of publishing, I am putting the final touches on Influencer Insider, a new online show that will take you inside the world of influencer marketing with the most popular faces in Africa as well as the biggest brands right now. I’ve always appreciated the “Each one Teach one” mentality and so if just one minute from one show I release can help inspire someone, I’ve done my job.  

To learn more about all things digital, check out @thatdesh for more. 


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