Fashion Myth Buster: Decoding The Lies 

The world of fashion is as subjective as one’s taste in food, music or art. One size does not fit all and often, social media and the 1% of famous fashion icons dictate what is hot and what is not, based on their own taste. This leads to many fashion and style myths. Things that work for you, may not work for the next person. Let’s look at some of these myths and why are subjective.  


Follow trends to look fashionable 

No, no and no. The myth lies right in the interpretation of the word trend, which is defined as a general direction in which something is developing or changing. Trends are general and often short-lived, especially in the context of the social media frenzy we live in today. 

What is all the rage today, may be old news y next week. More importantly, developing an eye for fashion and a personal style takes time and of course, a bit of experimentation. However, when you find what works for you, that profile becomes your brand, be it monochromatic or street-style.  

The best path to follow is to remain consistent with your personal style and be selective with trends, they should fit into your aesthetic and compliment what is already there. Naturally, one is free to try new styles and test out a trend that could end up working for you. Bear in mind what effects taking on the trend has on your wardrobe and whether it will compliment your image before taking the plunge. 

For example, wearing the current trendy color, like the olive-green phase we all went through in 2016 emphasizes that certain tones drown out your best features or look unflattering on your body. There is no harm in trying out the latest trend, just don’t assume that it will automatically make you fashionable.  


Dressing well is costly 

False! You can certainly look good on a budget or by being thrifty and buying expensive clothing during clearance sales. The most important thing is to know what your body shape and corresponding measurements are, choosing the right material and right color of a clotting item. These small innuendos go a long way in making you look polished in whatever you wear. Don’t forget to wear your confidence as you best accessory, it’s your most Nifty accessory and it is absolutely free.  

Another cost-saving hack is buying clothing off-season, usually during clearance sales and keeping them for the next season. The key with this trick, is to buy clothing that is neutral, versatile and durable. Avoid buying clothing items on trend with this hack unless you’re going to be travelling abroad and can get some use out of it.  

Consider investing money in essential wardrobe pieces such as a blazer, a pair of formal attire, a good pair of jeans and white shirts. These items never go out of style and can be used throughout the year. 


You can’t mix and match 

A big misconception is that you can’t mix and match patterns, prints or color block. You can, you just need to do it well.  

With prints and patterns, you want to pair items that complement each other and look cohesive when paired together. Avoid pairing patterns or prints that clash as this looks unflattering. Pair items together that blend into each other and are of similar materials and tones.  

Another myth is that color blocking should be reserved for interior decor and not clothing. Wrong! Pairing together pieces proportionality is key. For example, for a more stylish look, the solid color should be larger than the bright color. For example, pair a solid color like a red pant with a bright color like a turquoise top. The ratio of solid should always be greater than the ratio of bright. However, for a relaxed and sporty look, you can play around or even swap these ratios to make a real statement.  


At the end of the day, just blindly accepting what society states as the truth often drives you toward making poor fashion choices and falling for myths created by the 1%. Developing your own taste in fashionfeeling comfortable and confident is the only truth you need to live in every outfit you wear. 


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