Living in Lockdown: 5 Lifechanging Habits

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As the world grapples with the ripple effects of the Corona Virus, maintaining stringent hygiene standards and practicing social distancing is now more important than ever.

For many extroverts like myself, staying at home and adapting to remote working, has been challenging as it has resulted in a once lively social life to be reduced to video calls and virtual interactions. However, that being said, we must all be grateful for what we have and the lockdown has certainly affected a time for deep self-reflection.

Through this exercise of reflection and being reduced to living off essentials during lockdown, there are a few positive and indeed life-changing lessons to be learnt. After discussing these lifestyle habits with friends and professionals, I’ve summarized a few healthy and constructive habits you can adopt to live (not just survive) post-lockdown.


Filter out the noise

While being quarantined at home, you are often inundated with news and social media updates about the politics surrounding the virus, dealing with irate family members sharing the same space with you and adapting to a lie of virtual communication, which is likely to last long after the Corona virus has passed.

Learning to filter out the noise (both verbal and virtual) is essential, otherwise, you are overwhelmed with an overload of information and lose track of your objectives. The best thing to do restrict time spent scrolling over social media and perhaps asking those family “news reporters” to avoid sending you unnecessary updates. You control when you want to be exposed to certain information.

Remember to focus on the tasks at hand or effectively communicate with those around you. If people don’t know what your boundaries are, they may unintentionally trample them until they are corrected.



Adopting a minimalist approach to my lifestyle has been so beneficial. Start by physically and mentally decluttering different aspects of your life, from work, home, relationships to physical objects such as clothing and stationary.

Being in a physical space that is neat and clean helps relax the mind, especially during work time. This also reflects into a determined and clear mindset, allowing you to focus on what is really important. Synchronizing a clear mindset with a clean work and living space also forces you to confront dealing with issues you may have hidden away under all the mental clutter.

Living with basics and cutting down to having just essential items and people around you are likely to be the reality ahead in any case, with all the uncertainty about life post-corona virus.


Amp up activity

With those working and studying from home, being stuck in your home without much movement can cause you to feel fatigued and anxious. Start your day by going outside and taking a few deep breathes of the fresh morning air. During your work-time, take short breaks to stand u and walk around. This will help your blood circulation and posture. When talking over a phone call, try walking around while talking or brainstorming, to up your step count. Eat your snacks or meals while standing up as this helps with better digestion.

Remember to include at least half an hour of physical exercise into your day, from a jog, dance tutorial or any form of movement to keep fit and healthy. There are many ways that you can incorporate movement into mundane activities and get fit in the process.



While in lockdown, schedule your work or study days into a routine, with some room for flexibility as life happens in between.

Ensure you balance your day between time for work, chores, relaxation and of course, your 8 hours of sleep. There are also cool apps out there that you can use to create schedules for you. The best thing to do when living with others around is to sit down and discuss your various needs. Work together to formulate a schedule that befits everybody to avoid clashes and maximize our time.


Get to know yourself

Use this time to the fullest. The lockdown has forced us to slow down our typical fast-paced lives and confront the reality that gets suppressed by our rat race lives. Use the time to reflect, meditate, read positive affirmations, laugh, reconnect with loved ones and figure out your next move.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to hit the reset button on various aspects of life and restructure it to suite your needs. You can lay the groundwork for that business idea you always wanted to start up, try out a new hobby (bearing in mind social distancing), reconnect with nature and eve bag some new skills in the kitchen or on the home décor front.


All in all, think of this time in a positive light and use it to your advantage. You can dramatically change your outlook on life and figure out what really matters by getting in touch with your inner self and controlling the narrative of your life. This may or may not work for you. Only you have the power to effect change so don’t waste it.

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