Lockdown Pampering: Get Your Glow ON

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The circumstances of the corona virus pandemic have certainly caused much distaste and inconvenience to many people. Being confined to social distancing and stringent lockdown regulations has created many challenges for people, one of which being skincare.  

With the plethora of uncertainty and new issues people face, skincare and self-maintenance have taken the backseat. Those working from home, have regressed into a cycle of laziness and unkempt appearances. Although it is great to take a break from getting “poshed up” to go out these days, taking care of yourself, which encompasses a balanced diet, time management and self care practices are much needed to boost ones sense of self-confidence, happiness and encourage body positivity, in a time where there is so much devastation around us.  

You can do small things to feel and look good, that are cost effective and nourishing. When you’re tuning into to your video calls or stepping out the house post-lockdown, you will fresh, healthy and feel positive. Let’s explore some great self-pampering skincare procedures that you can do with things you have readily available at home! 


Hydration Nation 

As you would expect, I am stressing the importance of keeping hydrated year-round. Drinking the recommended amount of water per day is essential in flushing out toxins, keeping your skin moist and youthful and ensuring that your body functions properly.  

Furthermore, using a deeply penetrative moisturizer is essential in providing topical moisture to the outside of your skin. Remember to moisturize your face and skin every time you wash it or when you feel that it is drying out. Avoid using oil-based moisturizers and opt for water-based or soluble formulas.  


Smooth Smackers 

This is the time of the year that many, like myself, suffer from dry and chapped lips, due to the seasonal changes. You can have the most radiant skin, but people will be distracted, if not drawn to your dry lips. They also feel just as uncomfortable as they look. 

I use a homemade scrub that works wonders and leaves your lips smooth, plump and naturally glossy. Mix together a tablespoon of brown sugar with a teaspoon each of raw honey and extra virgin olive oil (the good quality stuff). Form a thick paste and immediately apply into your lip area. I gently, and I stress here, gently massage my lips in circular motions for about two minutes with the scrub and wipe away the excess paste, before jumping into the shower. As I wash my face, I rinse of the paste with just water.  

This allows the magical (they really are) properties of the honey and olive oil to penetrate into the lips, to moisturize and repair the cells. I use the excess paste to scrub my knees and elbows, which also tend to chap during the dry months.  


 Breakfast Beauty 

I simply love using some breakfast ingredients as beauty hacks, even while chomping down on that all-important morning meal. Natural ingredients like yogurt, oats, avocados, berries, coffee grounds and even seeds can be used for an array of skincare regimes.  

Personally, I love whipping up a fresh morning mask with plain, full fat yogurt, raw honey, strawberries and either coffee grounds or gram flour (besan flour) to thicken the mask. I apply it onto my face and leave on for around 15 minutes.  

The yogurt is packed with probiotics and antioxidants and is deeply nourishing tot the skin, the honey is a naturally antibacterial agent and draws out certain bacteria from the skin.  Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and help reduce sebum in the skin, brighten the face and even hep with lightening acne scars. The coffee grounds or gram flour are used to thicken the mask and act as a gentle exfoliator when massaging mask over skin, before removal.  

I recommend using this mask no more than once a week and remember to test out on a small patch of inconspicuous skin to ensure that the mask will not irritate your skin.  


Surprise! Bye bye puffy eyes.. 

During lockdown, many of our sleep patterns have been inconsistent and erratic. Lack of sleep and fatigue tend to lead to puffy eyes or dark circles forming around the eye sockets.  This can lead to irritation and of course, makes you look like you got punched in the eye. 

To draw out the puffiness, I cut up raw potato wedges and place under the eyes for 5 minutes and then flip the wedge over for another 5 minutes. Afterwards, I re-hydrate the under-eye area, which is the thinnest layer of skin on your body, with cool cucumber slices. This cools down any irritation around the eye and naturally hydrate the area. Sometimes, if I don’t have cucumbers around, I use a cool damp towel and place over the eyes.  


As you can see, these are simple, cost-effective and readily available hacks that you can adopt during lockdown, to look and feel good! 


The Nifty Attache 

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