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Despite the many challenges artists and creatives have had to face recently, a group of the top-tier dancers and choreographers from around the world have decided to beat the odds through the sheer power of social media. Priyen Naidoo, the creator and Director of the virtual workshop shed some light on this innovative event.

Discussing the inspiration behind starting the event, Priyen states, “Dance is infamous with regard to its emotive and expressive qualities . Dancers use this art form as a means to connect, influence or educate its audience. In light of current events,  we wish to use dance to create a positive and lasting impact in the global community and attempt to balance out such circumstances with positivity and by actively fostering a culture of unity.

The Global Dance Footprint is a two day workshop with various dance forms being taught by world renowned artists in their respective fields. The aim of this project is to bring dance to those who are stuck at home and who are unable to carry on learning or performing the art form in the traditional sense. The idea was based on uniting people with a passion for dance, irrespective of skill level, with artists from across the globe by creating a network interconnected by this universal art form. The two-day line up includes tutorials by Shampa Gopikrishna (India), Kumar Sharma (India), Sadna Minhas (India), Amit Shah (USA), Tanishq Joshi aka Taneesky (USA), Janine Bennewith Van Wyk (Australia), Zama Mtshali (Dubai), Shiva Raichandani (London), Emil Bordas (Germany) and Priyen Naidoo (South Africa).

The benefits of attending the workshop would be to learn different dance genres and to network with participants from around the world in real-time, not to mention, a great way to work some exercise into your lockdown routine. This would be done from the comfort of your own home so all participants would thus be able to interact with internationally renowned artists and learn from them without having to travel across the world or wait to have the artist visit their country.

To sign up all you have to do is:

– Follow GDF on Instagram (@globaldancefootprint) and sign up for PayPal.

– Once this is done, click the link in the GDF bio and follow the instructions for your payment.

– When your payment has gone through, add GDF on their Facebook page (Global Dance Footprint CYCLE 1) an your all set!

If you are an avid dancer or simply wish to learn from some of the best global artists, be sure to engage in this exceptional opportunity.

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