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Describing the events of the year 2020 may bring up a plethora of colourful expressions as it certainly has been a roller coaster thus far. However, for Daksha Ramjawan, the words of Sheryl Sandberg ring true when she said “You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive.”

The young business woman and current Marketing Executive at Famram Solutions has achieved a lot in a short space of time, with her most recent achievement being launching Taji, a skincare brand, being no exception to her ambitious persona. I recently caught up with this budding entrepreneur to find out how she has managed to start up and launch a new beauty business venture in the midst of a global pandemic.

Daksha, tell us about Taji? It sounds rather catchy.

Taji is a new venture that I conceptualized and launched this year. Taji is a Swahili  word that means “crown” and focuses on beauty tools, cosmetics and health products , being gender neutral and accessible to everybody.  I believe that being healthy both internally and cosmetically is pivotal in looking and feeling good, almost like royalty (hence the metaphoric crown). It also aids in boosting our mental health and well being. Taji is much more than a business venture, I believe that it will become a healthy lifestyle choice.

As mentioned earlier, 2020 has been sheer chaos, what prompted you to start up Taji now?

There is no time like the present right? With every challenge comes great rewards. It has been in my vision since being a little girl, Ever since I was little, from swatching mud on my face in the garden to making my own homemade masks and trying to experiment with different skincare tools. I also believe that my passion lies in providing natural, non-invasive tools and products for people to use as I am a strong believer in natural, organic and vegan product use. We can look good, live healthily and still contribute to sustaining the environment.

What is unique about the Taji products?

My products are customized according to my unique designs, with personalized branding and are delivered in divine gold and black packaging. All of the Taji products have gone through vigorous processing and certification, to ensure the best possible solution for our clientele. They have exceptional health and beauty benefits for the  entire body.  For example, our newly launched facial roller and customized facial cups give one an instant facial lift with non-invasive techniques!

On that note, I am currently hosting a cool competition where I’m giving away 10 Taji Facial Cupping sets, 10 Taji Obsidian Rollers and Gua Sha sets.  Winners will be announced on Women’s Day (August 9, 2020). Information is available on our social media platforms below!

Wow, I can’t wait to test out these nifty tools, Gua Sha sounds really fun to say, like a vocal warm up, lol. Back to business (*inserts professional voice*) Tell us, what were some of the challenges you faced in starting up this business?

I think when you have an idea ( I had this idea for a very long time), you have to do a lot of market research and testing to ensure you deliver the best possible experience to your clientele. There was also dealing with the effects of the global pandemic, it is quite difficult to launch a product.. However, I pushed through all the obstacles as I was driven by my passion about these products.  Also, I’m pedantic with attention to detail. Taji has taken a bit longer than expected but the brand is now here and read to launch.

Daksha, you are certainly an admirable “one to watch” and I am sure our readers want to know more. How can they get in touch with Taji? 

They can contact us on on various social media platforms and we will be happy to help:

WhatsApp: +2776 075 0559

Instagram: @tajionline_  

Facebook: Taji Online

Website: www.tajionline.com

There you have it folks! Check out Taji and be sure to let us know if you get your Gua Sha on!

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