A Gentleman’s Guide to Sizzling Summer Fashion

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One of the perks of being South African is enjoying a (mostly) year-round tropical climate. Every local boitjie loves a bit of sun, sand and sea. With our pleasantly short winter in the rear-view, it is time to pull out your summer wardrobe, sunnies and braai stands as we get ready for the fast-approaching summer months.   

Enduring summer in lockdown will certainly present its challenges and it is most important to act responsibly and abide by all health and safety regulations to protect both yourself and others. However, you don’t need to compromise on your sense of style in the process. Mikhael Dharsey, owner of local fashion brand Darcy Apparel shares five effortless tips to get your summer swag on par. 

Drippin’ Denim 

Denim is an essential part of every wardrobe as it is versatile, comfy and timeless, when styled appropriately. There are many ways that you can incorporate denim into our summer wardrobe and it is a great tool to mix and match outfits with. You can throw a denim shirt with rolled-up sleeves over a printed tee and shorts for an effortless casual look, play around with lighter washes of denim to vary the colour palette of your ensembles and perhaps, invest in good quality white denim jeans or shorts, which never go out of style.  

Saucy Sunnies 

Sunglasses are a fun way to accessories and add a pop of colour into your outfit. If you like matching elements of your outfit with each other, this is your go-to. Be mindful of the shape and size of both the frame and lenses, as it should complement the profile of your face and not look overbearing or disproportionate. A classic choice is opting for an aviator-style lens with a tortoise shell frame. However, let your personal style come through and try on a few styles and colours to see what suites you best. 

Simply Slim 

Achieving a harmonious frame is vital in balancing the proportions of your clothing and avoiding looking like Gru from the Minion movies. Skinny or flare fits do no suite every body type. Perhaps try on slim fit pants or shorts and see how it balances with components like a fitted golfer or a loose sweater. You will find that your body does not look shapeless nor exaggerated but rather, find a happy medium. From a practical point of view, it is also loose enough to avoid clinging to your body in the humid summer months.  

Feel Good Fabric 

Building on the above, making practical and comfortable fabric choices goes a long way in both looking and feeling good. As we are more active and exposed to harsher elements in summer, you want to wear light and breathable fabric like cotton, linen, rayon and denim. These textiles are practical enough for you be active in and widely available in trendy designs, your options are endless. It is also helpful to think about what activities you will be doing on a specific day and dress accordingly 

Stepping Up in Style 

Wearing the right shoe can make your outfit sing and really stand out in the crowd. It is not always about wearing the most expensive or flashy shoe but rather complimenting your outfit with your choice of footwear. It is meant to complete the look, not detract from it. Although sneakers will always be all the rage, switching it up with boat shoes, loafers or even a good air of leather slides could give your outfit a practical, yet stylish touch.  

Summer style is all about dressing in bright colours, wearing comfortable and practical clothing and adding your own flair with sleek accessories and a confident attitude. It is all about making memories and enjoying the vast natural beauty outdoors. Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.” ― Kellie Elmore 

To keep up to date with Mikhael and his amazing local fashion brand, check out @darcey_apparel and @micky_dharsey on Instagram.  


By Mikheal Dharsey & The Nifty Attache 

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