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An infectious smile, passion for the arts and a never say die attitude are just a few words that one could use to describe the luminous Mosa Kaiser. A lady of many talents, Mosa is a well-established South African actress, voice-over artist, MC and radio host.

At the tender age of just 6, she began her acting career and featured in leading roles on local television shows such as Takalani Sesame, Kideo and Soul Buddies. Mosa had advanced to featuring in 7 international movie productions such as Ghost Son and Fountain for Susan to name a few, as well as the award winning and Oscar nominated film Hotel Rwanda, playing Don Cheadle’s daughter. I was lucky enough to catch up with her and find out about what she has been up to recently.

As if you haven’t set the bar high enough, a little bird told us that you are taking on a new challenge behind the screen, to produce your own series. Can you share some teasers? 

Unfortunately, I can’t 😂. But it’s a reality show about thanksgiving and the spirit of Ubuntu. I decided to put my academic qualifications to the test by getting into the production seat to showcase the best of the South African entertainment industry, so watch this space!

Okay, lets revert to something less sensational (for now). Tell us  about what inspired you to establish a career in the Arts. Is it something you felt inclined to pursue due to starting your career at such a young age? 

I think from the time I was born, the Arts and I sort of found each other. It was an instant connection, a natural synergy that came about and never died down, it is lifestyle for me. I was born to a family of artists, who inspired me in many ways. I was the first child born at Baragwanath Hospital on the 1st of January 1991. The Mayor of Soweto came to the hospital with a camera crew and the community press to cover the story, so I guess you could say I took easily to being in the spotlight.

As a young black artist, did you face any challenges in your early career, as SA navigated through apartheid and into democracy? 

Not at all. If anything, I think being a young black female was a huge advantage for me. I was cast in international films growing up, they embraced my nappy hair and dark, beautiful skin, as did my parents so that made me love myself even more. 

Power to you girl! You have certainty achieved many milestones in a short space of time. What are you most proud of? 

I’m mostly proud of my resilience and fighting spirit, developed through overcoming many challenges and life lessons. Everything else is just Gods love and answered prayers.

What motivates you to keep abreast with juggling the many projects you have going on at the moment, especially amidst the corona virus pandemic? 

What’s keeps me going is my fear of being mediocre, I don’t think I was born to be ordinary and I don’t want to die like that.

What advice do you have for our readers who wish to venture into the entertainment industry? 

I say that even the sky is not the limit. If it is meant to happen then it certainly will, so say your prayers and GO GET EM! 

From launching an acting career before the age of 10 years and staring in numerous national and international productions, sharing her jovial personality through radio to taking on a new role as a producer and aspiring DJ, all while keeping fit and ever-positive, Mosa is certainly a force to reckoned with. We can’t wait to see her shine in her new ventures and spread her infectious optimism with the world.

– The Nifty Attache

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